My daily care needs

Before I tell you about my daily care routine before I leave the door, I must introduce you to my very sensitive irritating skin. The skintype I have and have dealt with since I was a kid, is called Atopic dermatitis/eczema. If you have this type of eczema, please do share your experiences. I would love to know how you keep this in balance.

Atopic eczema leads to itchy, red, sometimes cracked skin, as if your skin is on fire! The eczema disappeared in my teenages. I thought I got rid of it forever, but unfortunately atopic eczema will not go away. It is genetic and your skin can overreact when you feel even just a little bit of stress or when your skin is in contact with just the air, yeah the air… Believe it or not, my skin even overreacts when seasons change. I have to use different products in the winter then in the summer. But let’s not talk about the eczema right now, my skin is already getting itchy.

I want to share with you some very nice products I daily use and I can actually bear.  I never leave the door without having used these beauties:

  1. Bioderma – Sensibio H2O
  2. La Roche-Posay – Lipikar Syndet cleansing cream gel
  3. Esprit – Simply You
  4. Shiseido – Perfect hydrating BB cream
  5. L’Oréal – False lash superstar mascara
  6. La Roche-Posay – Lipikar Baume AP+

My favorite Bioderma Sensibio H2O, it is my buddy in the evening and in the morning! Its water is so refreshing. I have tried so many cleansing facial products, but this is my favorite. The water is fragrance free, alcohol free, paraben free and hypoallergenic, just perfect for eczema skintypes. You wear a ton of make up, but one wipe with this water and your make up is gone. It really soothes your skin. I like it a lot because it makes cleaning my eyes so easy without any irritation or redness.

Another top beauty brand I love is La Roche Posay, the Lipikar series. I use the cream gel after I have cleansed my face with Bioderma Sensibio H2O. I massage it in my face, it gives me a soft skin. The Baume AP+ can be used at night or in the morning. I even have them in little bottles, to carry them with me in my handbag. The baume is rich and not too greasy, just a little is enough to survive your day. I also recommend to try to mix this with a little bit of foundation or tinted daycream to have your foundation a rich texture. That way your skin will not dehydrate.

Talking about a tinted daycream, Shiseido is one of the few Ici paris brands I can bear. I have used the tinted daycream for more than 10 years now. I love its texture and it evens my skin. The cream contains Thiotaurine which protects your skin from harmful environmental aggressors. That is probably the reason why I can bear this product. The tube is only 30ml but I can do a half year with it!

At last these three I carry with me before I leave for work: Simply You perfume from Esprit, the name says it all, False lash Superstar mascara from L’Oréal and my number one lipstick, simple but fresh: Lip Ice! in all different flavors!




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